Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mamma Mia! ABBA's Songs Forever!

Mamma Mia!!! I visited this movie these weekends! WoW! It's amazing! Cool!! Incredible!
To say that I liked the musical, it's to say nothing! I fell in love with the music, ABBA songs as well as the playing of the actors. And now I admit that I'm an ABBA fan. The musical's plot is also rather unique and funny. And Pierce Brosnan, he showed himself as a real star who really made the movie funny. Moreover, the songs and the actors' voices make the simple story a fun watch through. The body movements and expressions makes the songs look as if they were real exchanges between the actors.
So, Mamma Mia really captures me and left unforgettable impressions.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Again About Hair...

Monotonous life is soooo boring and makes me pessimistic and be in a bad mood. Moreover, it's autumn now, the time of depression. So, I have a great desire to change my image or something in my appearance. I want to do something with my hair. Actually, I don't have enough time to straighten my hair every morning before going to work. So, I want to try a professional chemical treatment.
I visited my stylist who is rather professional in it. The process can be of three types: relaxation, thermal reconditioning and brazilian hair treatment. It was interested to know that the ralaxation is a very good treatment for naturally curly-haired people and it takes only an hour while the result of it can last from three to six months. Isn't it great? But the only minus of it, perhaps, is that some relaxers can pose potential concerns like skin irritation and hair damage, including breakage and dryness.
The second opportunity to straighten hair is thermal reconditioning, also known as Japanese straightening, involves a combination of chemicals and heated irons. The process affects hair cuticles, making hair straight and shiny. Though chemicals remain on the hair for about 20 to 25 minutes, thermal reconditioning takes four hours from start to finish. That’s because the stylist irons your hair in tiny sections (a quarter of an inch at a time). After the process, hair can stay straight for six to 10 months. WoW! But thermal reconditioning poses several safety risks. Specifically, some women who've had this treatment suffered hair damage or even hair loss.
And the third method is is a newer straightening technique that’s become very popular, because it works well with many hair types. It's the so-called "Brazilian Hair Treatment " under the brand of Brazilian Keratin Treatment, Brazilian Blowout and Brazilian Hair. This treatment takes one and a half to four hours.
Weighing all the pros and cons of the methods I desided to try the first one: Relaxars (as I'm still afraid of doing experiments with my hair).

Thursday, September 18, 2008

How Can I Protect My Credit Cards...?

The other day I faced the problem as I needed credit card protection. In fact, doing shopping I couldn't find one of my credit cards while paying for my new dress. I was searching it everywhere, in every coner of my bag, purse and even my pockets... but in vain... I coudn't find it anywhere. It was a real pity for me. The only thing I decided to do at that time was to freeze my credit card to be on the safe side. But to my great surprise when I came back home I discovered that my credit was in another bag. Uffff... very strange case...
This incident made me think about my card protection itself. Being a shopping addict and credit card spending lover I addressed to CREDIT LAND to learn more about it. They advised me to use their programs. There are some services that allow access to a three-in-one credit report but unfortunately it's only for a charge (and it's pointless).
So, the best way out is to monitor transactions activity myself or check my bank monthly statements.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Perm Tragedy is a National Tragedy...

I didn't write anything so long as I was shocked and I'm still at this state since this Sunday...
Russia is rather far from the US but the sorrow of the tragedy is very close to my heart...
A small Russian city that is near the Ural mountains became famous all over the world at one moment: passenger jet traveling from Moscow to the Ural Mountains city of Perm crashed while preparing to land early Sunday, killing all 88 people aboard including Citizens of the U.S., France, Turkey, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Latvia, officials said. I bow my head to the pilots as they were so pofessional that were able to avoid some more victims on the ground. It was a real wonder, made by the pilots, as they could direct the burning plane away from buildings and it crashed into an unpopulated area of the city, just a few hundred yards from residential buildings on the railway, and some part of the Trans-Siberian railway was also shut down as a result of the rail damage.
I can't discribe my feelings now... It's a real tragedy for all nationalities.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Coming Weekends and Flowers!

Thanks to Lord the week is coming to the end!
It was a busy week for me as I had much to do at my office.
Moreover, it has been a busy week of swimming lessons, and Italian lessons that I was attending from Monday. Che la lingua bella ma un po' difficele!
On Saturday I'm going to visit a flower exhibition in Florida! Wide flowers, clematis (I adore it and my balcony is full of them of different types), my favourite tropical flowers, lotua, tulips, roses and others. Great!
Hmmm... yesterday, surfing the Internet I found an interesting article about flower horoscopes. I was laughing out loud that occording to my sign (I'm a cancer), my flower should be delphinium, while I adore roses and have never seen this kind of flower as delphinium LOL
I hope I enjoy my time!

Monday, September 8, 2008

My New Wish!!!!

I'm still under the impression after meeting my schoolmate these weekends. You see, I haven't seen her for ages as she lives in Portugal now and has her own bisiness in interior design. WoW!!!! she is a real businesswoman! Moreover, she changed her image greatly and it's impossible to recognize her meeting her at street by chance))) Her appearance, clothes, gestures and even the gait. She showed me the designs of the interior that she creates for herself and I felt a burning desire to redecorate my house!
And I'll definitely do it!!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rewards Credit Cards

I have just founf out that I am going on a trip to Germany! Cool! So right now I am thinking about how to find the best airfare. And save on my travel expenses)))
I have been checking out http://www.creditbreak.com/Airmiles-Rewards.php and have found some pretty neat credit cards. I do not have any rewards cards for traveling yet so it might be a good idea to apply for one.