Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It is Not a Problem to Choose a Plastic.

You will probably agree with me that it's difficult to imagine a situation with no credit cards. As plastics already become our friends and life without them seems to be very difficult. My grandmother who lives in the country, living all her life without credits, faced a problem as now she needs to establish a credit card. Moreover, now this financial crisis makes people to think about their savings.
So, I advise her to apply no annual fee cards. As these plastics can be:
  • a great way of saving money,
  • very convenient to make payments,
  • helpful to economize.
Maybe there is only one disadvantage of such kinds of credit cards as the cardholder should have excellent or good credit rating. But it isn't also a great problem as it's possible to compare plastics for people with no credit score.

Monday, October 27, 2008

God Bless You! Interesting Facts

Winter time is comming :((( and we are more likely to catch a flu, cold or some more viral respiratory infections. Though now it's still autumn most of my colleagues and friends are ill. Moreover, I, myself, have just recovered from a flu (that's why I didn't write anything for a long time). "God bless you!" is an usual phrase that was said in response to my sneezing for these days.

I decided to make a little research about the story behind "God Bless You". And I found out some interesting facts. Actually, there are several different theories behind why this commonly used phrase is said in reaction to a sneeze.
  • One tale dates back to the time when an outbreak of Bubonic Plague hit Rome during medieval times and in 590 [A.D.], Pope Gregory I ordered the citizens of Rome to pray to fend off an outbreak of the Bubonic Plague and since people of the day thought a sneeze was a symptom of the plague, they would say 'God Bless You' to the sneezer.
  • Another story tells us that there is a superstition that when one sneezes, his heart stops. Saying "God Bless You" is believed to make the sneezer return to life or make his heart continue to beat. Funny:D
There are also some possitive and negative views to the sneezing.
  • The positive explanation states that sneezing helps cleanse the body of evil spirits.
  • The negative states that sneezing is a bad sign. "People used to believe that your soul was thrown from your body during a sneeze."

So, "God bless you!" if you sneezed. Take care!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

"W.". Is It a Film?

"W." is an original name for a film, isn't it? Before the presedential ellection a new film, that is considered to be a sensation, is going into production tomorrow, October,17. To tell you the truth, I'm not so interested in the comming ellection, and this film can give rise to mockery and can help to learn more about the life of our presedent. They say it is a a three-act film starting with Bush as a young man "with a missed life", followed by his transformation and "an assertion of will which was amazingly powerful" [ Oliver Stone] as he came out from his father's shadow, and finally his invasion of Iraq.
I hope it's not boring.
Ok, I'm looking forward to watching it one day.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Yoga BOOM!

It's very important to live in harmony with yourself, to design a calm in your spirit and have a new sense of awareness. I understood this after visiting the courses of yoga last week (and I'm going to continue practising it even twice a week). And I think it will definitely help me with my nervous work. I hope so.
A friend of mine who is waiting for a baby, offered me to join her at this activity and I agreed. It's nice to find that the majority of people (old and young, pregnant and not, slim and with full weight) are interested in yoga. Moreover, there's also a baby yoga for newly-born children. Nice!!
All this inspired me to look at the world and my health with new feelings.