Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Believe it or not?

Wow, that was a great time we spent together! I'll never forget the magic evening my friend and I spent in the open year, recalling the old days...
By the way, do you believe in astrology? Are serious about what they predict and earnestly wait for it to happen. Personally I have never believed a word until I stumbled upon the MSN Astrology and read a forecast on me. They sounded really true and when their words came true I saw that being sceptical is not interesting and pessimistic. If you believe in the best, it is sure to come true, I know now..+)

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Kris said...

Thanks for your comment - obsession takes different forms. I'd rather be out of debt than in it, and it helps me to keep track, to keep motivated.

So if it helps me...who cares other than me? I've lived under constraints of debt and bills almost my whole working life - giving my paychecks to others. Forgive me if I want to get out of that.

Thanks for stopping by - hope you're able to see how different people enjoy life differently.