Friday, May 16, 2008

Is Clothes That Important?

I've been trying to re-think my monthly budget. The bigegst issue is "do I spend too much on clothes"?
I don't want to say that I spend hundreds of dollars each month on new out fits but I like to buy clothes. I would rather save on going out (i haven't been to the movies for ages) but buy something new to wear. My boyfriend has literally ten times less clothes than I do.
I buy clothes I like, not the clothes I "need". I mean, I cannot say that I have nothing to wear. Still whenever I see something new I buy it. Especially if you try it on and it looks good.
The problem is: should I spend less on clothes because I do not really need it or should I treat myself. After all I work hard for the money and I deserve soemthing that makes me feel good.
Well, this is really something to think about...

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