Tuesday, April 3, 2007

My Dog

You shouldn't think that I am just a financial freak. There are many other things I enjoy. And one of them is spending time with my dog.
My dog is a sweet girl with beautiful eyes. Her name is Diva and she is a German Shepard. She is four but she is still a baby. It's a very big dog and that's what I especially like about her. It's like having a huge toy because she lets me whatever I want - use her as a floor-pillow, take a bone out of her mouth, etc.
Today she got in trouble. She stole and ate more than 3lb of meat! She ate it all! I don't feel sorry for the meat I just don't want her to get into a hospital. I haven't called a veterinarian yet, she seems to be quite cheerful. We'll see.

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