Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Online Application - Part II.

I have come across another article on the issue of online credit card application and management. Here are the major services online banking offers:
- Electronic bill payment
- Investment
- Account balance and history
- Credit card and loan applications and transactions
- Account aggregation which enables you to watch all your accounts in one place
- Bank statements, sometimes integrated with personal finance programs, such as Quicken etc.
- Funds transfer between the customer's savings and checking accounts
The article also gives some inspiring statistics:
"Latest survey showed that the percentage of people using online banking for credit card applications and other transactions increased more than twice since 2001 and goes on growing. At the same time, banking industry is expected to spend $248,1 bln this year on IT including hardware and software, IT services and telecommunications. That means each bank will have its online banking service every customer should be able to use."
So, I guess, there is no way to avoid using online banking service and no real reason to fear it.

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