Monday, October 27, 2008

God Bless You! Interesting Facts

Winter time is comming :((( and we are more likely to catch a flu, cold or some more viral respiratory infections. Though now it's still autumn most of my colleagues and friends are ill. Moreover, I, myself, have just recovered from a flu (that's why I didn't write anything for a long time). "God bless you!" is an usual phrase that was said in response to my sneezing for these days.

I decided to make a little research about the story behind "God Bless You". And I found out some interesting facts. Actually, there are several different theories behind why this commonly used phrase is said in reaction to a sneeze.
  • One tale dates back to the time when an outbreak of Bubonic Plague hit Rome during medieval times and in 590 [A.D.], Pope Gregory I ordered the citizens of Rome to pray to fend off an outbreak of the Bubonic Plague and since people of the day thought a sneeze was a symptom of the plague, they would say 'God Bless You' to the sneezer.
  • Another story tells us that there is a superstition that when one sneezes, his heart stops. Saying "God Bless You" is believed to make the sneezer return to life or make his heart continue to beat. Funny:D
There are also some possitive and negative views to the sneezing.
  • The positive explanation states that sneezing helps cleanse the body of evil spirits.
  • The negative states that sneezing is a bad sign. "People used to believe that your soul was thrown from your body during a sneeze."

So, "God bless you!" if you sneezed. Take care!

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