Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It is Not a Problem to Choose a Plastic.

You will probably agree with me that it's difficult to imagine a situation with no credit cards. As plastics already become our friends and life without them seems to be very difficult. My grandmother who lives in the country, living all her life without credits, faced a problem as now she needs to establish a credit card. Moreover, now this financial crisis makes people to think about their savings.
So, I advise her to apply no annual fee cards. As these plastics can be:
  • a great way of saving money,
  • very convenient to make payments,
  • helpful to economize.
Maybe there is only one disadvantage of such kinds of credit cards as the cardholder should have excellent or good credit rating. But it isn't also a great problem as it's possible to compare plastics for people with no credit score.

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