Thursday, September 18, 2008

How Can I Protect My Credit Cards...?

The other day I faced the problem as I needed credit card protection. In fact, doing shopping I couldn't find one of my credit cards while paying for my new dress. I was searching it everywhere, in every coner of my bag, purse and even my pockets... but in vain... I coudn't find it anywhere. It was a real pity for me. The only thing I decided to do at that time was to freeze my credit card to be on the safe side. But to my great surprise when I came back home I discovered that my credit was in another bag. Uffff... very strange case...
This incident made me think about my card protection itself. Being a shopping addict and credit card spending lover I addressed to CREDIT LAND to learn more about it. They advised me to use their programs. There are some services that allow access to a three-in-one credit report but unfortunately it's only for a charge (and it's pointless).
So, the best way out is to monitor transactions activity myself or check my bank monthly statements.

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