Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Coming Weekends and Flowers!

Thanks to Lord the week is coming to the end!
It was a busy week for me as I had much to do at my office.
Moreover, it has been a busy week of swimming lessons, and Italian lessons that I was attending from Monday. Che la lingua bella ma un po' difficele!
On Saturday I'm going to visit a flower exhibition in Florida! Wide flowers, clematis (I adore it and my balcony is full of them of different types), my favourite tropical flowers, lotua, tulips, roses and others. Great!
Hmmm... yesterday, surfing the Internet I found an interesting article about flower horoscopes. I was laughing out loud that occording to my sign (I'm a cancer), my flower should be delphinium, while I adore roses and have never seen this kind of flower as delphinium LOL
I hope I enjoy my time!

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