Monday, May 28, 2007

online opportunities

Intrenet has obviously made our life easier. You can do lots of things in it - search for information, make business (such as buying things)and, what I like most of all, - share personal experience with people.

I first decided to create my blog when I stumbled on thinkingoflifeandchoice blog that helpd me a lot to solve some of my most serious problems I faced at the time. I then understood that blogs are really a very useful thing for all categories of people - students, businesses, simple workers and even housewives.

I'm constantly looking to improving my blog, thus I'm searching new blogs, compare them and make conclusions. For those creating their own blogs, I can recommend visiting Managing life and Money blog that I personally found very useful...

new games!

Hello to all gamers! Do you still enjoy sitting down in front of your PC to play some of your most favorite computer games, even if you are not in the age already and your work exhausts you to death? Great! I am an addictive gamer and there's good news for you and me...

Search the game market for absolutely new computer games out there! I mean such arrivals as "Spades", "Death on the Nile" and "Treasures of Montezuma". i've tried them and it is unforgettable!

I advise them to everyone who cannot imagine a home evening without virtual adventures!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Playing with Credit Card Debt

If you're a smart credit cardholder, you must know what transferring credit card balance is.

For those who don't, I'll say the following: imagine you have a credit card with outstanding balance on it which you are not likely to pay off soon and easily. you can, of course, cut all your expenses on this very credit card and set off paying on it each month more than just the minimum. It is a hard task, really.

So, why not move your current debt onto another credit card with a much lower interest rate and pay it off comfortably without much limiting yourself? Today credit card companies are quite ready and willing to offer you balance transfer credit card deals and wise customers sieze every little opportunity.

Some credit users manage to save hundreds in interest with such credit cards!

But it all is not that easy as it seems at first sight. The point is that there are cardholders who get too much involved in this game with credit card balances and they end up with a new debt apart from the one on the old credit card.

So, if you mean to get yourself a balance transfer credit card, be ready to use it only for most needed purchases and to pay it off in time and in full so as not to accumulate new debt.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Online or Offline?

And another hot story on the issue of ID and credit card information security...If online credit card operations lack decent protection, then what can be said about using your Visa or MasterCard for offline purchases?

I guess, you've already heard about the numerous security breaches at retailers and restaurants. And the breaches were caused by the staff themselves! They used special devices for scanning your card's information and were paid $30 for each plastic. They handed over the cards to fraudsters who used the information for making counterfeit credit cards! No wonder then, that you find charges in your credit card statement for purchases that you did not make at places that you never go...

So, who would you trust your credit card now - a human being or a machine?

Monday, May 14, 2007

A New Addiction

My cell-phone is not the only thing I am crazy about. Just recently I've found in myself a great desire to buy a car, a very good car, really. Today US car market offers you a wide choice of nice and quality models and I stopped at Ford Mustang Convertible (a used one, though). It's a great variant and I chose it as it's the most solid, best handling and most refined open-air version of the American legend. If you are in for buying a car, too, it would be your best deal!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Credit Card Use Online

If you are a holder of Discover or American Express credit cards, you seem to have more options when it comes to making purchases. I'll explain why.

More and more Americans are becoming credit card holders today but by no means all of them take risk of using their card for buying online. Why does it happen when online shopping with credit cards is generally considered more convenient and faster? Well, it's the concern about security and fraud issues that discourages online buyers.

When Discover did a survey of its cardholders, almost half of them worried about the security and 45% said they would shop online more if the protection were stronger.

Thus, Discover Bank, together with American Express, launched a program to win more trust of their customers.

So, if you shop online with a Discover or Amex card you enjoy zero liability. Now you're not responsible if someone steals your credit card number and makes unauthorised purchases. Discover offers one-time use passwords which also ensure more protection. It means you enter a new number each time you buy online. There are also extra passwords available which are known only to you and your card company when you buy from certain online merchants.

All these options target at making online shopping more secure. Well if you don't quite like it that you can use your card only for offline purchases, Discover and American Express cards are sure to give you more market.

And the last thing. If you are going to apply, read the fine print carefully and pay special attention to the fees.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Another Step to Equality

There are many groups that are discriminated against. Soon it will be illegal to deny US citizens jobs or insurance simply because they have an inherited illness, or a genetic predisposition to a particular disease.

It is still a secret for me how employer can get this type of information. Isn't it considered to be private? Anyhow, on 25 April, the House of Representatives voted 420 to 3 to pass the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA). Passing the Senate won't be a problem for the bill. President Bush also speaks in its favor.

"Clearly the House finally understood the incredible significance this has. The American public can now access genetic tests, feel safe about their genetic information not being misused and participate in research that involves genetic information," says Sharon Terry, president of the Genetic Alliance, a charity lobbying for the rights of people with inherited illnesses.

Well, I guess it's another step to equality...