Wednesday, July 25, 2007

They Do It Legally

I saw such a scene the other day. A middle-aged man sitting on an electric chair shaking in fits with drops of blood dripping out his mouth. It was awful to watch but they showed it on TV and they declare it legal killing.
I came to think of the death penalty by electric chair and on its justification. Well, those people are guilty, no doubt and they deserve death but do we, human beings have any right to jeer at them in such a way.
Let's take their lives in exchange for those they killed but let them suffer without our envolvment.
What do you think?

On the Guard of Credit

I've been syffering from insomnia recently and the reason for this is my dear (until recently ) credit card. I do now realize, after a number of delayed credit card payments, that I lack some basic credit card education.
For me Internet is the place to come for help. Right now, I am studying a number of articles which I found especially useful for the trouble I am in. If you are facing credit card debt and you need sound advice on better credit card management, you can turn to the following:
Successful Credit Card Application;
Safe Credit Card Applications;
Credit Counseling;
Avoiding Bankruptcy;
Credit Card Terms;

Credit Card Disputes.
These articles are really great trainers for your credit card management skills, make sure to read them to the end...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More Options - More Convenience

Tax season approaching...And it is almost always a humdrum, isn't it? For most of us - it is. Bur, wait...your credit card comes to your rescue!
What does it mean? Today most credit card appear to be able to faciliate the process of tax paying for you. You just pull it out each time you want to pay taxes. And it is really much more secure and safer than doing it through e-filing or paper file. The IRS never stores your credit card number so you are fully potected.
But, that's not all! Enjoy rewards paying taxes with credit cards. A cash back credit card or a frequent flyer card - all allow you to get something back. Convenient and benefitial...I love credit cards