Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Australia is Not So Far As We Can Imagine!

One of my dream is to travel in Australia, as it's one of my favourite countries. I adore everything in it: weather (e.g. it's spring now there), people, nature (yes-yes I adore it)... But I can judge about it only by movies, films as I've never been there yet (but I hope that one day my dream will come true). Being a teenager I was astonished by a book "The Thorn Birds" (Collen McCullough), the nature of the country was discribed so vividly that a reader can easily imagine a citezen or a tourist. Great!
So, the other day I read in the Internet that a new movie goes into production where Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman star there ("Australia"). Tourism promoters claim the real star of the movie is the country itself. The movie opens internationally on Nov. 26.
What is it about? The film follows the story of a noblewoman on a cattle drive in Australia during World War II. The movie was filmed largely in rugged Western Australia, notably in and around the small town of Kununurra, a three-hour flight north of Perth, and in the California-sized Kimberley wilderness region.
As the director of the film said, that tourism numbers will rise after the movie would be released.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's No Need To Worry (Even the World Finincial Crisis)

Psychologists consider that worrying is a good and useful tool as it helps keep us safe and reminds us to get things done. But when it is out of control, it turns into an energy-sapping, sleep-stealing anxiety cycle. Worrying has become a modern-day epidemic, infecting our lives with different strains – from sweating the small stuff (did I lock the car?) to imagining the worst (is this headache a brain tumour?). My father can't live a day without worrying while my mum perceives life and everythin in it patiently and calm as it should be. Maybe it's so as she is a doctor?! Our worries can, over time, suppress the immune system, raise blood pressure and lead to anxiety-related conditions. I am usually anxious before taking examinations but I always pull myself together and pass them successfully.
There are several rules how to cure yourself from worries:
  • Challenge your negative beliefs.
  • Learn to accept uncertainty. Just be yourself :)
  • Name your fear.
We should just live and enjoy the life as it's so interesting to live! ;D

Thursday, November 6, 2008

To Be Under the Weather at Cold Weather

I'd like to continue stories about the origins of idioms that we use in our everyday life.
For example, my dad, when he feels ill, always uses the phrase "I'm under the weather... Uff"

But the origins of the term is not related to cold weather at all. In fact, "under the weather" is a saying with a nautical background. Sailors and passengers on ships would get ill or seasick during their journey. Sick passengers were ordered to go below deck, which was believed to be the most stable part of the ship as well as a shelter from the weather. This was to ensure a speedy recovery from whatever was ailing them.

So, it’s no matter what profession you have, you use this phrase as a synonym for being ill. But it means also "being intoxicated" :D